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Handling of phone calls is a priority requirement of virtually every organization and for carriers, call centers and service providers it is also the mission-critical heart of your profit center. Today's marketplace demands unified communications with support for a myriad of media formats and devices. Whether you are designing infrastructure or developing products for resale; if you require support for landline or mobile, public switched telephone network ("PSTN") or voice over IP ("VOIP"), if you must communicate with phones, browsers, mobile Apps, or specialized devices, Hotlynx brings the experience to get you there quickly and affordably.


For most organizations a public facing website is mission critical for promotion, customer support, and information delivery. Rapid deployment is possible with a modern Content Management System ("CMS") such as WIX, Drupal, or Wordpress. Such a system can provide a pleasing user experience for desktop and mobile users alike, however websites lack the ability to fully interact with mobile users and to access mobile peripherals such as notification systems, microphones, cameras, etc. Effective interaction with a mobile audience requires a broader approach, such as the use of native Apps for each target device, or a cross platform hybrid App capable of accessing varied device peripherals while employing a single cross-platform codebase.

Headless Design-- If you must support users of browsers as well as mobile Apps, you must take care in architecting the system so that all access modes interoperate. A website employing a content management system ("CMS") that bundles the entire model, view, controller ("MVC") stack may prove to be resistant to clean interoperability with sibling mobile applications. By decoupling the presentation from content each user interface ("UI") can employ optimized methodology and framework while consuming centralized content services through a standardized interface. Such a decoupled or "headless" approach typically employs a RESTful Web Services interface through which each UI consumes it's content. Drupal provides support for this decoupled model, and Cordova enables the use of a single codebase for browser and device UI. 

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Monetizing a service platform often relies on a "freemium" model and the sale of premium rate services... with workflow comprising measurement of sold units, pricing, billing, collection, merchant account management, customer care, fraud avoidance, and much more. Telecommunications switches possess the ability to measure and report usage but seldom support the other layers required to support commercial sales of services. Hotlynx can provide a system to upload usage reports to a full featured commerce platform. Using the Drupal content management system ("CMS") and its powerful Drupal Commerce module configured with RESTful web services, a complete commerce system can be efficiently added to your communications platform.

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"Smart Devices" contain computing hardware and algorithms, together referred to as "Embedded Systems", that condition signals, control the devices, manage user interfaces, communicate and interact with other subsystems. Such systems typically take the form of a chip or module containing a CPU, memory, interface circuits, sensors, actuators, power supply, and sometimes communications facilities such WIFI adaptor. Examples of Smart Devices include mobile phones, VOIP phones, network routers and printers. Embedded Systems differ widely in processing power, speed, and capabilities. They often employ proprietary languages, real time operating systems, design and testing tools. Some controllers are general purpose, while others are optimized for specialized use cases. 


  • For the development of VOIP enabled Smart Devices, the NXP M53281KIT offers a VOIP development system and SIP signaling stack.
  • The Arcturus uCMK60 includes VOIP middleware with features for secure communications, QoS monitoring, facilities to store recordings and to play announcements.
  • Unicoi Systems InstaVOIP offers an ANSI C development kit with software suite providing a full-featured Call Manager, Voice Engine, and Information Subsystem.

Building Blocks

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SIZE XSAsterisk and Freeswitch are each versatile, open source platforms for building customizable voice over IP ("VOIP") communications applications. Analogous to webservers that accept requests and render responses according to scripted instructions, these platforms accept requests and process communications channels according to scripted instructions known as "dialplans". At the heart of these platforms is the capability to route phone calls and video streams according to dialplan specifications, and typical available applications include office phone systems ("PBX"), voice mail, auto-attendant, interactive voice response ("IVR"), conferencing, call centers, and SIP/PSTN gateways. Many organizations employ these platforms for their internal requirements in lieu of proprietary equipment, and service providers often deploy proprietary services customized and architected to specific market needs.

These platforms run preferably on Linux and can be installed on premises, co-located at telecom hotels, or deployed on cloud services. Careful attention must be paid to proper TCP/IP trunking for VOIP traffic levels, and specialized gateway hardware is required for connectivity to PSTN circuits.

Hotlynx can help configure and deploy Asterisk and Freeswitch for your business needs, including the development of dialplans and extending functionality with custom features.

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WebRTC enables real time communications between workstations from within web browsers, and provides the capability to exchange voice, data and video using peer-to-peer connections, thus eliminating server load and bandwidth bottlenecks. It is ideal for chat and conferencing applications, and can interoperate with traditional telephone communication networks when operating with a compatible SIP signaling system, such as Asterisk or Freeswitch.

Now JavaScript in your web pages can manage the entire communications process, with simplified code thanks to the WebRTC API. Traditionally complex tasks are handled under the hood, including capturing streams from microphones and cameras, encoding, echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction, concealment of packet loss and jitter. Also included are provisions for establishing peer connections and support of proxies.

A search for "PSTN advantages over SIP" will likely produce only converse results, highlighting the advantages of SIP. Searching more specifically for "SIP disadvantages" will explain why one might wish to avoid Systematic-Investment-Plans. Clearly, SIP is the sweetheart of the telecom industry yet there are some specific circumstances where PSTN answers the call. Such situations might arise if enhanced features are required for an existing PSTN facility, if appropriate SIP trunking is unavailable, or if the inherent propagation delays associated with SIP voice channels cannot be tolerated. SIP platforms are also more susceptible to fraud and security breaches than PSTN facilities. 

In such cases, Dialogic Media Boards help to implement large-scale call processing, such as unified messaging, call center, announcement, and IVR services.

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Trunks, gateways, routers, switches, VOIP phones, etc. all require facilities for configuration, control and monitoring. User interfaces for these functions are often rendered via web browsers. In many cases the architecture of a network component includes a web server so that UI functions can be accessed at secure URI's. The Drupal content management system ("CMS") provides many of the building blocks and resources necessary to create reliable and secure network management, monitoring and user interfaces. Drupal's "headless" mode provides secure URI's for interacting with and reporting to centralized command and control facilities.

When a telecom facility is operated as a profit center, services rendered must be measured and billed. The Drupal CMS provides a versatile full featured E-Commerce framework that is extremely customizable and dependable. It is capable of managing back office functions related to invoicing, collection, merchant account management, customer care, fraud avoidance and much more.

Interoperability of mobile and browser Apps is critical in today's unified communications ("UC") markets. A product's potential may be limited if it requires mobile users to access its functions only through browser interfaces. The Drupal CMS provides a "headless" mode that enables decoupling the presentation from content. With headless Drupal, applications running on the client side take care of direct user interface and consume content through a standardized portal using Drupal's powerful RESTful web services interface.

Hotlynx offers extensive experience applying the Drupal CMS, implementing network management, E-Commerce, and RESTful web services applications.

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Cross platform applications implemented in native code require multiple code bases, complicating and driving up the costs of development, support and maintenance. Apps for browsers, and mobile IOS and Android devices typically employ JavaScript, Swift and Java code bases respectively. Native Apps can be optimized to take full advantage of specialized device features and to provide native look and feel of the device on which they execute.

Hybrid Apps employ a single, usually JavaScript, code base for all platforms. The core App operates within a native code wrapper running on the target device. The wrapper presents a unified application programming interface ("API") and decouples the device characteristics from the core App so that a single code base can execute within the appropriate wrapper on all supported devices. Cordova/Phonegap provides native wrappers for many popular mobile devices and supports core Apps written in standard JavaScript. This strategy often permits JavaScript Apps written for a browser to be ported to mobile devices with few modifications.

Example Applications

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Using Asterisk, FreePBX, and a Queuing Module, an automatic call distributor ("ACD") capable of dispatching service calls to distributed agents can be efficiently configured and deployed. However there are "snakes in the grass” (obstacles) when deploying a work-at-home agent pool including difficulties in managing staff and assuring quality of service ("QoS"). The agent workstation must be equipped with a dedicated telephone (either landline or voice over IP), a console (desktop or tablet) running call center software, and a quality headset. Ambient noise and disruptions must be guarded against, and, if using a VOIP phone, it is essential to assure proper Internet bandwidth and QoS. Regardless of installed bandwidth, unless the agent lives alone, a QoS router is essential to assure that the agent's voice channel is not disrupted by other household traffic.

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Voice Personals is an inbound telephone dating service implemented by an interactive voice response ("IVR") system. The service enables users to post public profiles, to browse profiles left by others, and to anonymously exchange voice mail messages with each other. This system can be configured as a free or “freemium” service, with premium options purchased on-demand using a completely automated, Payment Card Industry ("PCI") data security standard compliant, credit card processing subsystem.

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HotLynx programs enable mobile users to converse anonymously with each other or with call center live operators via premium SMS text messaging. Available in both English and Spanish, all programs are G-rated but users must be at least 18 years old. The program is approved on most major carriers and fully comply with the Mobile Marketing Association ("MMA") Best Practices Guidelines. Credit card billing is also available with the E-Commerce option.

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PrivaNet™ is a patent-pending anonymous communications system that allows people to call and text each other without disclosing their true phone numbers. The system is an ideal option for online social networks and dating services, and enables users to share their virtual phone number ("VPN") to online friends so that the they can more easily get back in touch after first meeting through other means at the online service. PrivaNet magic enables both parties to place calls and send texts through the VPN while maintaining full control over privacy. With the optional Premium Services Module, operators can charge customers for premium voice and text services. PrivaNet is available to call centers and webmasters for license or as SaaS.ian-dooley-298769-unsplash-640.jpg

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Embedded controllers dramatically enhance the functionality and usability of instrumentation and peripheral equipment. Miniaturized devices comprising CPU, memory, I/O, and WIFI enable an instrument to perform data capture, calibration, analysis, interpretation, user interface, and telemetry. An example employs an ESP8266 low-cost Wi-Fi microchip to capture and process information from an amine gas sensor in order to rapidly assess the freshness of seafood. The handheld appliance displays results within 1 minute and uploads its log via WIFI and RESTful web service to a server for further analysis and auditing. Hotlynx can develop and manufacture smart appliances for your communications and pisciculture requirements.